Giving Tuesday campaign helping local non-profits

SALISBURY, Md. – The holiday shopping weekend is over and now Giving Tuesday is in full swing. It’s a day where you can make a big difference in your local community with just the click of a button.

“Fundraising is why non profits are alive and we need this community to step up to the plate and serve these non-profits,’ explains Sam Layfield of the Grace Center for Maternal and Women’s Health.

That’s why the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore started the Shore Gives More campaign, a campaign to help local non profits on Giving Tuesday.

Erica Joseph, Community Foundation President, explains, “Each year we all come together, we all market together, we promote each other and it’s just a really nice way for us to sort of help lift up the small organizations, the all volunteer organizations. Shore Gives More is a place where we just really all work together so hard to promote the good that we do.”

Organizations like the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art in Salisbury who just needs a lending hand to keep their education programs strong.

“We’re fortunate it’s a grant funded program but there’s still a lot of gaps in that funding. It would really be beneficial to have a filler for that gap so when the students come out for field experiences we can offer them snacks and we can try and get more parent engagement,” explains Jessica McIntosh, Education Coordinator for the Ward Museum.

It’s a campaign that gives little mom and pop non-profits like the Grace Center for Maternal and Women’s Health a chance to continue providing much needed services to expecting mothers and parents in the area. It’s money that keeps their doors open.

“All of that Giving Tuesday money helped us kind of get a jump start into expanding our services for those things and just kind of just spreading the love in our community to these women,” explains Layfield.

And with over 100 non-profits and fundraisers to choose from, no donation is too small because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

“We love our Eastern Shore. We have such a generous and giving community and we know people are giving throughout the year and so this might not be the best time for them and we appreciate that, but if you can just contribute $10 to one of your favorite organizations and be part of that, it’s just such an inspiration for the lower Eastern Shore,” adds Joseph.

Now there’s still plenty of time to donate to local non-profits here on the shore and it’s really as easy as online shopping on But it can also serve as an educational pamphlet where you can learn about the different organizations spread across the shore doing some much needed good in our communities.

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