Fire officials offer Christmas tree fire safety tips to keep families safe

MILLSBORO, Del – Now that we’re nearing the holidays, many people have gone out to get their Christmas trees. But emergency officials want to remind you of some helpful safety tips to prevent a Christmas tree fire in your home. They say for optimal fire safety, make sure when you get your tree you place it away from heat sources like candles, space heaters, radiators and fire places. They add that fresh trees are less likely to catch fire so look for a tree with vibrant green needles that are hard to pluck and don’t break easily from its branches. They say these tips can ultimately save your home and your life.

“When you buy a live tree, just make sure it’s not dead and doesn’t have the needles falling off of it and continuously water them, check the water everyday. A Christmas tree will go up in a matter of seconds. You see it on social media, you see the live feeds. It’s no joke. It’ll take a house down very quick and that’s the last thing that you need to happen on Christmas,” said Second Assistant Fire Chief for the Indian River Fire Department, David Perrine.

Fire officials add that when you start to put lights on your tree, make sure there are no worn-out cords or loose bulbs.  And also remember to turn your Christmas tree lights off each and every night.

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