Federal grant will expand La Red Health Center services

GEORGETOWN, Del. – $3.5 million is heading to La Red Health Center in Georgetown. It’s funding that is necessary to keep their doors open.

“So the $3.5 million grant that we just received is our 2019 operational funding to continue to provide primary care, oral health care, and behavioral health services to our patients, “explains Brian Olson, La Red CEO.

This federal grant will ensure that La Red’s over 13,000 patients will continue getting the care they need. But they are also hoping to tackle another growing issue in the community, substance abuse disorders.

“We received another grant for $289,000 to increase our outpatient treatment of substance abuse disorders and so we’re really happy to be able to begin the integration of substance abuse with our primary care services.”

Before they would have had to refer their patients struggling with addiction to other places. But with this money, La Red will now be able to become a substance abuse treatment center.

“It’s a new frontier for us so you know it’s a learning curve for us but we do have several individuals on staff who have experience in this arena and as I said we will be recruiting additional counselors and therapists and alcohol and drug abuse counselors to help combat the issue.”

Their hope by adding these treatment services is to treat the entire patient as a whole. To connect the dots and keep all healthcare related issues under one roof.

It’s something Delaware’s U.S. Sen. Tom Carper says will be a step forward in fighting this ongoing opioid crisis.

“Treatment when its coupled with preparing somebody who’s dependent on opioids or whatever with a person who’s like their mentor and who will work with them, not a paid person, but just be with them and help guide them through this recovery. You put those two together and it works and this is half the equation right here.”


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