Easton Police Department receives donation towards K9 program

Image: Easton Police Department

EASTON, Md. – The Easton Police Department recently received a generous donation from the Bryan Brothers Foundation to go towards their K-9 program.

The $9,300 donation will go towards the expansion of the department’s K-9 program, which we’re told would allow them to better serve the community as well as allied agencies.

K-9 teams help catch criminals, detect narcotics, locate lost individuals, deter crime, and educate the public.

The Easton Police Department and the Town of Easton are very grateful for this donation, and want to thank the Bryan Brothers Foundation for their willingness to donate to this project.

If any other community partners are interested in donating to the program, they are asked to send checks to the Easton Police Department, made payable to the Town of Easton.

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