Delaware residents celebrate 103rd Return Day

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Unity, patriotism and a burying of the hatchet is what Return Day is all about, it’s a day dedicated to togetherness.

“It’s the beginning of the healing process so that once the campaigns are over and the nastiness of the campaign and things that are going on, it’s the time to say okay lets bury the hatchet literally and move on as Delawareans as Sussex Countians,” explains Sen. Brian Pettyjohn.

It’s a centuries old tradition, one that brings politicians both Republican and Democrat from up and down the state of Delaware together in one place, Sussex Count post election.

With those that won and those that were defeated side by side. It’s togetherness our country so desperately needs.

“There’s so much civil discourse right now and so much lack of civility and today is the day where we come together as colleagues and we celebrate victories, you know, we mourn some of the defeats some of the heavy losses we had but we really focus on let’s talk about issues and try not to have as much politics,” says Rep. Ruth Briggs King.

But it’s so much more than just a coming together of political leaders, it’s entire communities, residents just hard working people getting the chance to enjoy a day filled with love not hate.

Which is why people like Shondra Phillips and Janet Maull Martin keep coming back, especially on this Return Day, when they feel our country is more divided than ever.

“It’s definitely a good example of the direction in which our country should go. There are winners and losers but at the end of the day we’re all Americans. We should be fighting or wanting the same types of things for people so for the politicians to be able to come together and say you know what it doesn’t matter whether I won or loss, we’re here really for the people,” says one Return Day viewer Shondra Phillips.

Another long time event goer, Janet Maull Martin adds, “It’s just love all around and one would say that’s what the world needs now a lot of love because we are so divided and that’s not the way it should be. So we need to come together and I hope that after this election that we will be able to work together in unityk, in harmony, and in love more than anything.”

Many people we spoke to, including the politicians, tell me they wish this wasn’t just a Delaware tradition that more communities across the country would do something like this to bring people together, especially now when our country feels so divided.


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