DE: Event officials prepare for 206th annual Return Day

GEORGETOWN, Del. – The forecast looks good for tomorrow and that’s good news Georgetown’s 206th Return Day. On Thursday, officials were already preparing for the beloved tradition where politicians will bury the hatchet to signify the end of an peaceful election season. Vendors and music performances will open around 9:00 AM and the parade will start at 1:30 PM at Georgetown Middle School.

“We require the candidates to either walk together or ride in a carriage together and the winner faces forward the loser faces backwards and it’s kind of trying to get the parties back together again and at the end of the campaign which is really important these days,” said Return Day Vice President James Boweden.

Officials say traffic is expected to be heavy in the early morning hours as parade participants and attendees make their way to the circle in Georgetown, but they add all roads should reopen to traffic by 8 PM.

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