2018-2019 Winter Outlook: Colder & Snowier than Normal

With a weak to moderate El Nino being the main driver of our winter, we’re expecting temperatures to average near normal to below normal. El Ninos typically bring up and down temperature swings – some days being warm while others much colder, but weak to moderate El Ninos tend to lean colder than normal. El Ninos also typically bring our best snow chances during the second half of winter, often keeping December snow-less, but based on the latest trends, winter could start earlier than what a typical El Nino would bring with February likely being the coldest and snowiest month. Also, the threat for coastal storms will be higher than normal this winter, some of which will bring plain rain and others snow. This means the chances for a significant snowstorm is higher than normal this winter, especially if the ingredients come together just right. And because of that, we’re leaning towards above average snowfall this winter.

So lets get right to it. How much snow will you see in your backyard? Salisbury averages around 10 inches of snow each winter, but we’re expecting 12-18 inches in Salisbury, with less at the beaches, and potentially a lot more just to the north and west, especially for areas across the bridge. But of course it all depends on whether we can cash in on some coastal snowstorms.

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