Worcester County Health Department launching new “Just Walk Worcester” website


SNOW HILL, Md. –  The Worcester County Health Department is launching a new website to use as a resource for finding places to walk and explore all over the county.

“Just Walk Worcester” will feature maps of all local parks and trails, in addition to walking tips and videos. Details will also be provided about each area, including how long the trails are, whether or not there are entry fees, and if the spot is pet friendly.

Drone footage of each trail will be featured on the site, giving walkers the chance to learn about the path before they head out.

The website also includes virtual tours of parks and places to walk around the county, led by staff from the health department and representatives from each park.

Their “Just Walk” program is a free, incentive based project where members can receive prizes for logging their walking mileage. Interested residents may register for the program through the website.

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