Six indicted for allegedly shooting Wilmington boy

WILMINGTON, Del. – On Friday, state, federal and local officials announced the formal indictment of six individuals responsible for the senseless shooting of a six year old boy in broad day light.

It’s a day JaShown Banner’s family will never forget. They’re one step closer to getting justice for their son’s shooting.

“JaShown banner was shot in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight in June of last year. He was six-years-old he was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time,” explains Attorney General Matt Denn.

Since that horrible day on 6th street in Wilmington, federal, state, and local investigators have worked tirelessly to find who’s responsible and finally that day has come.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss says, “The Grand Jury returned an indictment against the following individuals Ryan Bacon of Wilmington Del. 34-years-old, Dontae Sykes also of Wilmington, 33, Dion Oliver Wilmington 38-years-old, Maurice Cooper of Wilmington, 38-years-old, Michael Pritchett of Wilmington 33-years-old, and Teres Tinnin from Bear, Del. who is 34.”

The men listed by the US State’s Attorney are now facing federal charges of stalking and kidnapping because during their investigation, officials learned that six-year-old Banner wasn’t the intended target, but the man near him was.

What started out as a shooting investigation quickly turned into an investigation that crossed state lines. Law enforcement learning that those six men plotted, surveyed, and stalked a man who allegedly robbed them back in May 2017.

In the weeks following, investigators say these men went great lengths to kill him, stalking him, shooting at him, even kidnapping and killing his alleged significant other.

Actions that led to defendants being charged on the death of an innocent woman and shooting of a six-year-old boy. All six men could be facing anywhere from five years to a life sentence or death for these charges.

Now because of these federal charges the state of Delaware has decided to defer their charges for these six men after speaking to the Banner family, which means the men will be prosecuted only in the federal system.

But this investigation itself has been far reaching for the First State. Investigators say it’s revealed a large criminal enterprise that crosses state lines and has resulted in numerous state prosecutions.

“To date as a direct result of that investigation more than 30 defendants have plead in Delaware state court to conduct that includes drug crimes, illegal weapons possession, money laundering and conspiracy,” explains Denn.

Denn says those prosecutions would not have happened without the investigation comprised of federal and state task force leaders including the FBI, DEA and the U.S. Marshals.

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