Rescued beach cat becoming local celebrity

OCEAN CITY, Md. – On Wednesday, 47ABC met a rescued kitten who’s becoming quite the local celebrity in Ocean City.

Pip is a four-month-old cat who loves the beach.

Emily Meadows, Pip’s owner said, “He loves to dig holes, he loves to chase seagulls and when leaves are scurrying around, he loves to chase leaves.”

Pip isn’t your ordinary cat. On any given day you can find him prancing, pouncing, swimming and even surfing at the beach in Ocean City.

Meadows said, “He’s got so much energy, I would say most of all our other cats they sleep all the time and he never sleeps.”

Looking at Pip now, you’d never guess that just a few weeks ago he was found alone, shivering cold, with nowhere to go.

Meadows said, “Pip showed up after a thunderstorm in Berlin, he showed up at a lady’s house and she was moving the next day, so we said that we would watch him until we could take him to the Humane Society.”

But the Humane Society was full, so Emily ended up keeping him, and that’s when she discovered his big purr-sonality.

Meadows said, “He just like started jumping in the water and playing on the boogie board and chasing things, and so we were just like wow, I guess he really likes this, so we brought him up here a bunch of more times.”

At the end of the day, Pip is more than just a beach cat.

He provides entertainment, love, and companionship to his mom in the quiet, and sometimes depressing off season.

Meadows said, “I’m a huge advocate for mental health and I just think this time of year in Ocean City it’s really hard because everybody’s got less work and we’re all losing our jobs and so it’s nice to have something that sort of brightens your day and gets you out of the house.”

So if you ever see Pip on the beach in Ocean City, don’t hesitate to stop and say hi.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Pip and his adventures – you can look him up on Facebook at Pip The Beach Cat or on Instagram @ImFeelingPipsy.

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