New Del. law protects free roaming cats

GEORGETOWN, Del. – On October 1st, Delaware Governor John Carney signed a bill that will now protect the first state’s free roaming cats. The bill which was nearly two years in the making will now give these roaming cats full protection of animal cruelty laws. It will also provide protection for shelters who use the trap, neuter and release program. Caretakers who manage colonies of free roaming cats will also be protected under this law. Shelter officials say this will humanely and effectively reduce the population of free roaming cats in surrounding communities.

“The return to field program will allow cats place back into the community after being sterilized and it will keep space open in the shelters because shelters are not really a space for us feral cats to be housed long-term so be able to sterilize them quickly get them back into the area where they were safe and healthy previously is going to be the best thing for them, “said Georgetown Brandywine Valley SPCA Director, Walter Fenstermacher.

Officials also add that this new law will add protections to ensure that animal cruelty laws apply to all cats, whether they’re owned or not.

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