MDOT discusses new OC transportation projects and success of median fence

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Maryland Department of Transportation met with county officials Tuesday to talk about projects that are currently underway.

First, MDOT announced their continued support of the Ocean City Transit System.

In Fiscal Year 2019, the town is going to receive $7.7 million in operating and capital funding for the Transit System.

This includes $6 million for the second phase of construction for the Transit Facility, also known as the bus shed.

State officials say it’s all part of an overall $18 million commitment from MDOT.

Joe Mitrecic, a Worcester County Commissioner said, “The buses will go be maintained clean and so on and so forth to be put back out on the street every day. It’s a new area for the buses to go and be maintained and keep them running yeah.”

On top of that, MDOT reflected on the construction of the median fence in Ocean City and it’s success this past summer season.

The fence was created as a way to stop pedestrians from illegally crossing the road and so far, the fence has been successful.

There were no pedestrian deaths reported this summer.

Greg Slater, the MDOTSHA Administrator said, “None this year at all, none this year at all so its really great to see. When we built that median fence we had years and years of fatalities people kind of crossing in the mid block and we wanted to make sure we provided a bit of a safer traveling experience there.”

For those who are worried about the median fences’ appearance, we’re told there is no need to worry because the vegetation around the fence will continue to grow making aesthetics of the fence even better.

MDOT officials say in the future, it will simply just become a part of downtown.

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