Local blood bank looking for donors to help save baby

SALISBURY, Md. –  The Blood Bank of Delmarva is putting out a call for help to save a baby’s life. On Wednesday, the Blood Bank announced a baby who received a recent liver transplant at A.I. DuPont hospital is in critical need of AB whole blood to ensure continued treatment. But officials say they need donors to help make this happen. Those with AB blood are considered universal plasma donors, which means that plasma derived from these AB whole blood donations can be used to treat all patients regardless of their blood type.

“Between them we usually have a lot of product. There’s been an extraordinary use that particular blood type on the plasma side of things in the last couple of days hence the need to ask people,” said communications specialist for the Blood Bank of Delmarva Tony Prado.

If you do have AB blood and are interested in donating you can either donate platelets at the Dover Donor Center in Kent County, or you can simply donate blood at any of the Blood Bank of Delmarva locations.


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