First State CAA kitchen serving up more than just delicious meals

GEORGETOWN, Del. – A brand new state of the art kitchen is serving up more than just delicious meals, it’s helping local adults and even students in the area learn valuable culinary skills.

It’s all a part of the First State Community Action Agency’s Culinary Arts Training program. It’s a program that helps unemployed and underemployed people in Sussex County gain experience working in a commercial kitchen in hopes of getting jobs in the restaurant industry here on the shore.

It also serves as a place for high school students with special needs to cook.

“Sussex County is limited in the amount of vocational training they have for any student, so what we’ve done is partner with several of the school districts and provide culinary arts training, vocational training for students in grades 9 through 12, who are interested in careers in culinary arts,” explains FSCAA Culinary Program Manager Maryann Morris.

The goal is after the culinary students finish the program that they will be trained, certified and ready to take advantage of the wealth of restaurants and food facilities in Sussex County.

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