Delmarva Idol winner talks experience auditioning for American Idol

SALISBURY, MD. – We’re checking back in with our local Delmarva Idol winner, Sierra McCrea-Mosley, who’s finally back from her audition in the big apple.  She says the audition process was long, but it was a good experience. Unfortunately Sierra says she didn’t get the golden ticket to continue on the journey for the search next American Idol, but she says that’s not going to stop her from achieving her dreams.

“I’m ready to finish no matter what I don’t care what I have to do, I’m not going to stop until my dream is accomplished and I’m not going to stop until my daughter is capable of saying my mom never stopped ,” said McCrea-Mosley.

She adds that she will continue to sing and look for gigs until she gets her big break. And nothing is going to hold her back.

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