Concerned father accuses school bus driver of mistreating kids

LAUREL, Del. – Some parents were up in arms Wednesday after learning that their children’s school bus driver allegedly cussed at them and made them late for school.

Monday night, Richard Marshall’s eight year old son came home from school visibly upset.

He told his dad he had been yelled at by his bus driver.

Marshall said, “Basically what happened is he’s telling me that the bus driver screamed at him and all he did was poke his head out in the aisle way.”

Richard, angered by what he heard, tried to get more information about the driver of Bus 29, the bus his son and daughter ride to school every day.

Marshall said, “I wanted to get a little farther into it find out what was going on, and then my daughter told me ‘Oh yeah dad, and he took us to his house.'” He continued to explain, “What he did was he pulled the bus up, opened the door, got off the bus and went and got something to eat, so he left all the children on the bus unattended.”

Richard’s kids are just two of many that usually get their breakfast at school, but that morning they allegedly had to go hungry because of the bus driver’s stop made them late.

Marshall said, “The whole bus was late to school, and they all missed breakfast.”

After learning about this, Richard approached the school and the Superintendent, Shawn Larrimore, sent out the following statement to parents:

“The Laurel School District is aware of a complaint, made [Tuesday], against a bus driver employed by one of the District’s bus contractors. The allegation involves the bus driver leaving students unattended for a brief amount of time. The District is currently investigating the complaint. The bus driver will not be operating a bus for The Laurel School District throughout the course of the investigation. The safety, security, and welfare of our students is – and always will be – our foremost priority.”

While Richard is grateful for the quick response of his school, he wishes this hadn’t happened in the first place.

Marshall said, “He has these children terrified. You know, terrified.”

We’re told the owner of the bus service is driving kids to and from school until he is able to find a replacement.

Police have been notified about these allegations.

The investigation into this case is still ongoing.

We’re told officials are reviewing security tapes from the bus.

Richard tells us he plans on pressing criminal charges against the driver no matter what the outcome is of all this.

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