Cats rescued, airlifted from Florida Panhandle after Hurricane Michael to local rescue center

GEORGETOWN, Del. – “We’re welcoming over a hundred cats that were from areas recently affected by Hurricane Michael,” Walt Fenstermacher, Director of the Delaware’s division of the Brandywine Valley SPCA, said.

Those cats were airlifted and driven to Delmarva, out of harms way.

On Monday night, these felines and the Brandywine Valley SPCA, welcomed 47 ABC to help highlight the second major relief effort for the brand new rescue and rehab center.

Fenstermacher said, “We weren’t expecting to have to open our rescue and rehab facility until early 2019. So to be able to jump in and start the work as soon as we were able to and really answer the call that was needed in our area, is definitely exciting.”

Fenstermacher tells 47 ABC in order to answer that call to action, they had to have all hands on deck.

Chris Farrall, Operations manager at the Georgetown BVSPCA said, “We’ve done this a few times. We kind of had it down to a science.”

Farrall tells 47 ABC the rescue center is fully equipped to handle large-scale rescue missions. On Monday, he helped to unload the cats at the airport and even he recognized that the whiskered animals were clearly shaken up.

Fenstermacher also said, “I can imagine the damage that these cats have seen. The damage of the storm, rising water. They were really looking for hope. Our hope is to be able to re-home these animals as quickly as possible.”

The BVSPCA tells 47 ABC, these cats aren’t quite ready for adoption just yet.

Fenstermacher also said, “The animals still have to be vetted. We need to make sure that they are up to date on vaccinations as well as spayed or neutered.”

In the meantime, while the rescue and rehab center gets these cats ready to go they’re making sure the felines are comfy and well adjusted to their new, and hopefully not permanent, home.

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