Variety of political signs get destroyed in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Several campaign signs have been getting destroyed in Salisbury.

For example, the signs for Josh Hastings have been ripped and thrown away in the trash. He says he’s replaced 40 over the past four months.

His opponent Suzanah Cain has also had signs destroyed. Hastings and Cain say that despite political differences, they agree on one thing. This needs to stop.

Hastings says, “I don’t want to see anyone local candidates especially continue to face that, whether  the signs that are on fire a couple of weeks ago or the ones trashed. We don’t need that for our community and I think we can do better, we will do better.”

And Cain tells 47 ABC, “We can still respect each other’s ideas and differences and you know it’s a small community and we want to come together to express their ideas and have freedom of speech but still respect each other, that’s how the political process should work.”

A sign for Bo McAllister was also torched.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office says that those responsible can be charged with jail time or a fine. You can get charged with destruction of property and stealing.

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