Trash washing ashore on Delmarva beaches

Trash washing ashore on Delmarva beaches

BETHANY BEACH, Del. – By a wonderful stroke of luck, Hurricane Florence didn’t directly strike the Eastern shore, but it’s remnants can still be felt and seen along our shorelines.

If you’ve been on social media lately, chances are you’ve probably been flooded with pictures of trash washing up on our beaches, waste that’s been washed up by the storm.

Sadly, it’s normal to see some amount of garbage while you’re walking along the beach, but right now the trash is excessive.

Beach goers told 47ABC they’ve seen broken pieces of plastic, receipts, balloons, rope, and more scattered across the shoreline.

To help, visitors are being proactive and are picking up any trash they see as they leave the beach, and they’re encouraging you to do the same.

Beach goers we spoke to on Monday said, “Kind of just been trying to pick up as we go and throw the stuff out. There’s lots of trash cans at the beach entrances and you can actually see there is a lot as people have been doing it, there’s a lot of different things that washed up in the trash cans.”

If you want to specifically dedicate some time to cleaning up our beaches, a Coastal Cleanup is happening on Assateague on Saturday Sept. 22 from 8 AM until 12 PM. For more information on that event, click here.

Another clean-up effort will be taking place in Delaware during that same time frame,  at a number of locations along the coast.

For more information about the Delaware Coastal Cleanup, you can click here.

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