The Brightside: Queen City Elks Lodge

You’ve probably seen a flyer promoting a party at the Queen City Elks Lodge in Salisbury.

But you may not know these parties are actually a way to raise money to help the community.

Members like James Taylor say being a part of the organization adds value to anyone’s life.

“It helped me to understand the virtues of giving. Its not always about receiving. One of the elder members informed me that you get out of an organization what you put into it.”

Right now the Queen City Elks has under 100 members.

But that number could soon drop.

“We’re not getting a lot of people joining, especially young people so we’re trying to start back on something we’ve done years ago which is the junior herd.”

The herd contains kids 18 and under.

Kids learn how to run an organization and what it means to do for others.

The Elks hope that this program will encourage kids to join as adults.

“The misconception is that the Elks is just a place to basically just come and party. Now yes, most of our Lodges we do have recreational halls where we do have dances and discos but that’s not our main priority. ”

Taylor says the Elks number one goal is to help the community.

The Elks give nearly $26,000 annually to non-profits on Delmarva.

“We have dances. Selling food. The slot machines. Basically that’s it, because its kind of self-contained here. This place holds comfortably about 150 people.”

The organization also has slot machines.

Half of all the machines revenue is split between the Elks and several charities they select.

Brady tells us this co-ed organization is *highly* dependent on the women who call themselves the Daughters to run smoothly.

“The daughters started a few years after the men got started and they are the backbone of the organization because without the women a lot of the organization would not survive.”

And survival is a key theme to the Queen City Elks and other Elk organizations all over the country as they strive to continue their good work and encourage others to get involved.

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