Several Accomack Co. residents stay put despite mandatory evacuation

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Md. – Just a few days ago, many residents packed up their bags and headed out leaving their homes after a mandatory evacuation.

But with the updated forecast of Hurricane Florence trending south some decided to stay put.

For some in Chincoteague, it just seemed like another day. Residents hard at work, visitors fishing, and folks just biking around. You wouldn’t think a hurricane is approaching the east coast.

It is evident, though, that some parts of town are looking a little emptier than usual. Chincoteague resident, Elizabeth Dook says, “No, it’s definitely empty all the hotel parking lots are empty.”

For those who stayed behind, they aren’t too worried. Mike Schmidt from New York isn’t letting Hurricane Flo rain on his vacation time in Chincoteague. “Our rental agency did call us and advise that we should think of evacuating but we just love it here so we weren’t going to evacuate unless we really had to,” Schmidt says.

For the folks on the other side on Saxis Island, they are just sticking it out. For Saxis local Larry Linton, if he’s going to stay, he’s going to offer a helping hand. “We were helping some people out some of the elderly that can’t go out to do it,” Linton tells us.

Saxis Island locals say they were telling me that their biggest concern is flooding, just like many others. But they said if it floods there and it affects the road, then there is no way in or out of the island.

And for those who stayed behind on both islands, all they are doing now is keeping an eye on the storm.

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