Residents: Pocomoke water not improving

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – Clean water has been an issue for decades and even after months of replacing old rusty pipes and a brand new pilot system to better the water, residents say there’s still more that needs to be done.

Back in February, Pocomoke City installed an Iorex device designed to flush out all the iron and rust residents have been seeing in their water for years.

Since then the city has been replacing old piping street by street with new plastic pipes. But despite their latest efforts — several residents say its not getting any better.

“We’re using bottled water to drink and I hate to even shower with it without a filter in it because sometimes it comes out just brown, you know, bad,” explains one resident Ernie Stout.

Another resident who’s been living in Pocomoke City for nearly three decades says, “No not much has changed. I mean in order to keep the water at a decent color we have to get a softener, we have to have two house filters, and you just have to keep up with them. We change them once a week and it’s just not gotten any better.”

The city is set to install a third Iorex device next week once the storm passes. They are also working on replacing the old steel pipes that the City Manager Bobby Cowger blames for the murky water.

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