New artifacts found in Cambridge; ongoing archaeological excavation

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Archaeologists in Cambridge say that they may be one step closer to proving that there were slave quarters on the property of the historic Bayly House.

The team from the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration recently found items dating 1800s and even the 1700s.

However, the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area says that the items found do not prove that the structure was once a slaves quarters and that the discovery is an important part of the process.

Some of the artifacts include ceramics, buttons, buckshot, sewing scissors and medicine bottles.

According to the manager of the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area, Julie Gilberto-Brady, items that would prove there were slave quarters on the property include cheap ceramics and personal belongings of the family who lived there.

Gilberto-Brady also said that local high students will be joining on the excavation working side-by-side with the archaeologists for a firsthand research experience.

The Heart of the Chesapeake Country Heritage Area is also asking the public for help to find out who are the descendants of the families and enslaved peoples who lived on the property more than 250 years ago.

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