Milford drainage system struggling to handle rain and flooding

MILFORD, Del. –  Residents are already dealing with flooding and it’s expected to get worse with the expected rain because the city’s storm drains simply can’t handle all this water.

Milford streets were completely flooded with cars taking a risk to get through. Heavy rain and completely full storm water pipes all contributed to the rising water level.

City officials say their storm water drains can’t handle all the water they’ve gotten recently.

That’s  why Milford is clearing leaves and debris out of storm water drains and asking residents to do the same or else the city could experience another event like Tuesday’s.

“If you see water on the street like I said you don’t know what’s going on underneath, the road could be washed away. You might get stuck. We had plenty of calls 8-10 calls yesterday with people stranded, their vehicles disabled. They needed to be rescued so take that in mind as well when you make that decision to drive through flooded streets,” explains Milford Police Officer Mikhail Stanton.

Milford PD was handing out sand bags to residents Wednesday and will have more available Thursday. Residents who want more bags can call Milford Police at 302-422-8081.

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