MDOT makes first stop of transportation investment tour in Queen Anne’s County

CENTREVILLE, Md. – On Tuesday, Maryland Department of Transportation officials made their first stop of the the statewide transportation investment tour in Queen Anne’s County to update local officials and the public on the departments Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP).

“We said that we want to see the department of transportation come to each individual county and tell them what the progress is and what type of work is going on with respect to the transportation budget,” said State Senator for District 36 Stephen Hershey.

The meeting also gave Queen Anne’s County officials the opportunity to address MDOT’s secretary, Pete Rahn, about the many transportation issues they continue to face in the area.

“It’s been very important very important to us to get him out here to make sure he understands our concerns we’re having,” said Hershey.

Officials say that out of the number of traffic issues they’ve seen in Queen Anne’s County, the Bay Bridge traffic is by far the worst. They say during the summer months traffic can be backed up for miles. And something must be done

“We’re at the point right now where it’s going to start affecting the entire eastern shore and- sooner or later people are going to be tired of waiting three or 4 or five hours in traffic and that’s coming over the next 5 to 6 years, that they’re going to buy property somewhere else and the values are going to go down it’s going to be an economic nightmare,” said Commissioner-At-Large Jim Moran.

County officials say the meeting played a crucial role in getting MDOT officials to recognize the magnitude*of this ongoing issue.

“These are not discussions we were having three years ago, so now we’re really getting the states attention to begin to attend to this really dire problem for Queen Anne’s County,” said Commissioner President Steven Wilson.

And they’re confident, they got their message across.

“I think that they are now more receptive I feel at least to some of our ideas and they’re willing to help us. They see the issues. It’s no longer accidents causing these backups, it’s sheer volume,” said Moran.

Queen Anne’s County was just one of 24 counties that the department will stop at across the state. Wicomico, Somerset, Kent and Worcester County are also scheduled to meet with MDOT officials on the investment tour over the next couple of weeks. For a full list of the tour schedule click here.

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