Local watermen prepare for Hurricane Florence


HOOPER’S ISLAND, Md. – When it comes to Hurricane Florence, Delmarva may be in the clear for the most part. But, local watermen say that they are not taking any chances.

According to the watermen in Dorchester County, they have to pull their crab pots and boats out of the Chesapeake Bay, so they will be out of work until possibly Monday or even Tuesday.

But, they say it is necessary so they do not get damaged by the storm.

Watermen also say that after the storm, it will cost them more money to put their equipment back in the water.

“We’ve lost a week’s worth of work here and the fuel that it takes to get all of the gear and put it back out and it was something we hadn’t planned on, but I guess it’s something we deal with every fall,” said Scott Todd, a local waterman on Hooper’s Island.

Todd also said that while these preparations are inconvenient and expensive, some watermen see it as a benefit because it allows them to clean their boats.

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