Hogan and Jealous go head-to-head during first gubernatorial debate

OWINGS MILLS, MD – On Monday things heated up quickly between Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan and Democratic Challenger Ben Jealous at the only debate scheduled between the two over things such as the state of the economy.

“My entire focus of my governorship has been to grow the economy to put more people to work and to turn our account to be around we just have grown at every level more people are working,” said Hogan.

“We have the lowest job growth with the lowest income growth within the region,” said Jealous.

Hot button issues also included questions about gun control after a mass shooting took place earlier this year at the Capital Gazette and more recently the shooting at a Rite Aid Warehouse in Harford County.

“We need to make sure that we stem the flow of illegal guns into our state we need to close the AR-15 loophole but we also need to make sure that we treat this as a public health crisis as it is there’s a public mental health crisis,” said Jealous.

“I’ve long been a strong supporter of tougher laws to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and the people with a criminal background,” said Hogan.

Both candidates also gave their stance on what they’d do to combat the opioid epidemic.

“You go and you sue the pharmaceutical companies and you win back the funds, hold them responsible. They’re not funding my campaign like they’re funding his campaign. I have no problem taking on these companies, suing them and making them pay for the pain and the havoc that they’ve reaped in our state,” said Jealous.

“I became the first governor in America to declare a state of emergency on this crisis. We were losing more people than shooting and traffic fatalities added together so I promised to do something about it. [The] first one, to turn into a state of emergency,” said Hogan.

Jealous’ residency also came into question after Hogan pointed out the he’d be a California resident for years, stating he wouldn’t be fit to run as Governor. But Jealous passionately disagreed.

“You just don’t know the Maryland issues because you haven’t spent enough time here,” said Hogan.

“I’m proud of my history in the state and I won’t let you were anybody else lie about who I am or where I’m from,” said Jealous.

But when it comes to who’s the best pick to become the next governor of Maryland? That’s for you to decide.

Early voting for the general election will open next month, on Thursday, October 25th and will run until November 1st. Officials say you can go to an early voting center in your county to register and vote during that early voting time period.



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