Festival-goers brace the rain at 44th annual Sunfest

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The weather may not have been so sunny for Sunfest, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of people from enjoying summer’s last hurrah.

Chris Doherty, a vendor said, “These people they love this [craft] show they come rain or shine.” Kathy Grimes, an auxiliary officer with Ocean City Police Department  said,  “We have a great turnout here and some of them were here this morning were in the downpour!”

It may have been a bit of a soggy Sunday, but folks at Sunfest didn’t seem to mind as there was still plenty to do at Ocean City’s annual summer sendoff.

Landon Daniel, a younger Sunfest-goer said, “The people here are great and there’s a lot of fun stuff to do.”

From unique crafts to works of art, Sunfest is a great opportunity, rain or shine, for vendors to make some serious profit.

Doherty also said, “You get such a diverse amount of art from people that bring in their skills and craftsmanship.”

Annette Minnich, another vendor, sees a majority of the fruits of her handmade basket-weaving’s labor come from this craft show. Minnich said, “Its one of our best shows all year.”

Folks tell 47 ABC it’s these unique local finds that keep them coming back season after season, no matter the weather.

Another festival-goer said, “I always come here every year for the same vendor. They always have new pieces so its pretty cool.”

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