Farmers: government checks won’t be enough to make up for losses

Given the impact that foreign tariff’s have had on farmers, the Trump Administration is now sending out checks to make up for the losses.

While local farmers certainly appreciate these government checks, they say it’s not nearly enough to make up for all the money they have lost due to the trade wars. On top of that, the farmers told 47 ABC on Monday that they want politics to be taken out of the equation entirely.

Roger Richardson, the former Maryland Secretary of Agriculture said, “Politics is politics, and sometimes they get in the way of people making a decent living.”

The Trump Administration is providing up to 12 billion dollars in emergency relief funds for farmers in need.

While that number may sound like a lot, local farmers say it’s not enough.

Richardson said, “Well it’s a drop of sand on the beach compared to what has happened to farmers.”

Due to the tariffs, farmers are losing about 44 cents per bushel of corn. In an effort to make up for that, the government is reimbursing farmers for 1 cent per bushel. This means farmers are losing a quarter of their corn profits.

Layton said, “It’s certainly not enough to make up for what was lost and it’s not enough, I think especially long term depending how long this goes on, there could be long term repercussions from this.”

Corn growers aren’t the only ones whose wallets are taking a hit, soybean growers are also seeing major losses.

Farmers told 47ABC prices have dropped over two dollars in the last two months, and the government is only reimbursing them a $1.65, which farmers say simply doesn’t cut it.

Moving forward, farmers like William Layton say instead of seeing a government check, they’d rather see the trade wars come to an end so their farms can continue to live on for generations.

Layton said, “We appreciate the checks given, whats going on, it does help us out in the short term, but we would much rather see free markets and being able to sell our grains to other countries and get what we deserve for it.”

Out of the 12 billion dollars in emergency relief funds, 4.7 billion dollars of payments will be going towards growers of corn, cotton, soybean, dairy and even pork farmers.

The rest will go towards developing new foreign markets for American-grown commodities and purchasing more than dozen products like nuts, meat and dairy.


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