Crisfield prepares for possible flooding

CRISFIELD, Md. – Crisfield is braving for the worst as city officials say they’re expecting flooding over this weekend, especially in areas that routinely flood when a storm passes through.

City Manager Rick Pollitt says it’s just something they have to prepare for living here because it doesn’t take a lot to cause flooding.

“That’s the problem with Crisfield in general, there’s no drainage facilities. One of our former mayors said you can’t drain a bowl and the problem is the water level is high all around us and the infrastructure is old.”

The city is handing out sand bags for anyone who needs them and they have also opened the Carvel Hall parking lot, which is on higher ground, for those who want to protect their cars from flood damage.

The bridge to McCready Hospital is also a concern. That’s why they have a plan in place for personnel who work in the hospital to be ferried across flood waters by the Crisfield Police Department if they need it.

Pollitt adds, “One of our main concerns is people not riding around town through the flood waters. If you have four wheel drive and you just like to get out and it looks like fun, what people don’t realize all the time is those vehicles create wakes on flooded streets and those wakes can destroy property they can get in people’s front doors.”

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