Community reacts to arson at Refuge Temple Church of God in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – “It’s very sad, it’s just sad,” said one Cambridge resident.

Shock and devastation was all residents in Cambridge could feel after they learned that a fire  that took place early Tuesday morning at the Refuge Temple Church of God was ruled an arson.

“There were just fire trucks in the front, but I didn’t know what was going on because I was waiting for his school bus,” said resident Tasha Cavanaugh.

When officials responded to the scene at the church, the fire was already put out by a church member. But it didn’t take long for emergency officials to determine that the building was intentionally set on fire.

“Once we got there it was pretty clear that it was intentional it was on the outside the building it was at the front door and there wasn’t a reason for an accidental fire to have occurred there,” said State Fire Marshal Kirby Travers.

Officials say the fire luckily only affected the doors at the front entrance of the church. But residents can’t help but wonder why anyone would commit such a heinous crime.

“I just can’t believe that would happen in my neighborhood, or anywhere, it’s a shame. It’s quiet around here, we really don’t have that much crime like nothing around here,” said another Cambridge resident.

Currently the fire is still under investigation, and now fire officials are turning to the community for any tips that might lead to an arrest.

“Did something look different that morning in that area? Did they notice a car, did they notice a person? Something weird, or something un-normal for that Tuesday morning,” said Travers.

Officials add that they’ll be working non-stop to make sure they put the person or persons involved with the arson behind bars.

“Just the little bit of damage that had happened, it doesn’t matter about the damage, it’s the act,” said Travers.

We did reach out to members of the church for a comment on the incident and were told they do not believe that there was any malicious motive behind the arson, and that it probably was just kids messing around.  Again the investigation is still underway so if you have any information regarding the arson you can contact the State Fire Marshal at 410-713-3780.

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