Animals “ok” after Md. pet store catches fire

SALISBURY, Md. – Authorities are investigating after a Salisbury pet shop caught on fire, Thursday morning.

Officials say the blaze was triggered by a van fire behind the Salisbury Super Pet. Thankfully, no animals or people were hurt. Apparently, the van experienced some kind of electrical issue leading it to catch fire and spread to the building.

Firefighters were able to get the blaze under control, but now the store owners have started cleaning up. It’s not clear if the shop will be open on Thursday. An employee says the animals are traumatized by the event.

“I’m just thinking about the animals. How I’m going to get them all in my car, how I’m going to get them out of there and save them,” said Madison Schenck, employee at Super Pet. “The animals are really shaken up. We’re just gonna, for the time being, comfort them and make sure that they’re okay.”

Super Pet adds that they are thankful that no animals were hurt and they still have many pets looking for forever families.


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