Stands empty as lifeguards wrap up 2018 season

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Well as we say goodbye to summer, we’re also saying goodbye to the lifeguards at the beach.

Ocean City Beach patrol’s motto is “Keep your feet in the sand until a lifeguard is on the stand” which means after Sunday it’s recommended you stay out of the water.

They say that’s the best way to ensure you’re safe during the off season. Because even if it’s a nice day like Friday, there can still be deadly rip currents that no one will be able to warn you about.

“Rip currents can be very deceptive. They tend to draw down the size of the waves in the area where they are, which can give someone the wrong impression that it’s actually a safer place to be when it’s actually the more dangerous place to be,” explains Lt. Ward Kovacs of OC Beach Patrol.

We’re told the lifeguards won’t be back on the stand until Memorial Day weekend.

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