Officials warn public that photography can be a terror threat

"We have to be vigilant."

Sheriff Mike Lewis has a warning, but this time it's not for what you think.

He says, "Anytime you see something suspicious anything you should notify law enforcement! Especially someone taking pictures of any landmark."

It seems like it's a warning from a Hollywood script. Here on the East Coast, the number of calls could be overwhelming but that's not stopping the Sheriff and others from asking people be wary of folks with a camera. 

Sheriff Lewis also says, "Some people are offended by these phone calls, and some people fully understand why these come in, but either way we have to investigate it; its our job."

While it may not seem like much, a simple call, even during your summer vacation, could be the call that helps investigators save lives or solve a case. 

Kisha Hawkins a beach goer said, "It's so sad that we can't really go to the beach or the movies without checking the exits and have to be more mindful of what's going on around us."

Wanye Solomon another beach goer said, "People should be able to come and bring their families without worrying about things like this."

Police say it's not about targeting people who snap harmless photos, and they understand that almost all these calls will lead to a dead end, but that doesn't mean they'll stop asking residents to help.

It also doesn't mean residents won't be frustrated if they're the ones who get reported.

Hawkins also said, "We should be able to take out our cameras and take pictures."

So If you see someone take out a phone and take suspicious pictures of something — make sure you contact local authorities.

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