Made On Delmarva: Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms is harvesting a legacy in the soybean industry. The company works with local farmers to supply them with soybeans.

"We're a significant or even the largest user of soybeans in the Mid-Atlantic," says John Ade, the Senior Vice President for Crush Oil and Meal Sales.

The company works with local farmers to supply them with soybeans.

"Maryland, Delaware, PA, New Jersey, North Carolina, all around us," says Tom Pepper, the Plant Manager.

The soybeans are used to make products found in your own kitchen.

"We have about 7 types of base products, soybean oil and blending them to meet our customer needs. Food oils that are going into salad oil that we would buy at the grocery store," says Ade.

Each year Perdue pumps out 250 million pounds of oils.

"We've got customers from General Mills and Nestle," says Ade.

Perdue officials showed 47 ABC showed us how they make soybean oil.

First the soybeans are brought in by large trucks. Workers take a samples from the trucks to make sure the beans are in tip top shape.The beans are stored in tanks until they're ready to make into oil.

"Soybeans have 20 percent oil in them, so we take the oil," says Pepper.

The soybeans make their way to the crush plant where the oil is squeezed out and off to get processed.

"We refine and bleach it, we add sodium hydroxide to the oil," says Pepper.

Then it's time to send it through the distill.

Throughout the process they monitor the soybean oil and run tests to check on the quality, once it's ready it makes it's way into the trucks.

"The oil that we send out is by bulk, either by rail car or by truck," says Pepper.

And they're off to make deliveries!

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