Lewes residents react to news of fire chief’s arrest

"Maybe if if you're a person of authority you should think about your drinking habits and what that might lead to," said resident Greg Farnsworth.

A man who's job is to put out the flames now finds himself under fire after it was confirmed by the Lewes Fire Department that their chief, William Buckaloo, was arrested and charged earlier this month for disorderly conduct and other offenses.

"Whether you're the Fire Chief or anybody else you probably should have to pay some kind of repercussions," said Farnsworth.

In the Lewes Harbor Marina is where Fire Chief William Buckaloo was seen on video urinating off a dock into the water and climbing on boats while apparently intoxicated. And now he's in hot water. The allegations have left some residents in complete shock.

"It's not really appropriate behavior I mean I walk my dog I clean up after him when he's done doing his business I don't really see why someone who is supposedly someone we look up to in the community is doing what you were explaining to me you know that doesn't seem appropriate," said Farnsworth.

Others though don't seem as bothered, and say it was a simple mistake.

"It's a big deal out of nothing really. No, not a bit, otherwise I think he's a good fire chief," said resident Roy Tobias.

As for Buckaloo– officials say he's currently turned over his position as fire chief to Deputy Chief Steve Evans for the moment until all legal procedures have come to an end. 47 did reach out to Buckaloo for a comment regarding the matter, but he has yet to respond. As for the Lewes Fire Department they say that Buckaloo still remains in good standing with the department

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