Tips to stay safe in the extreme heat

Everyone loves a sunny day, but the sun isn't always pleasant, especially when it brings extreme heat with it.

Believe it or not it can get very dangerous very quickly.

"Many people think well I'm fine I work out there all the time just keep going, keep plugging along and then it's too late. They're passed the point of being able catch up with their hydration and they're either going to pass out or they can just start stumbling around and being in a stupor state," explains Doug Walters, PRMC EMS Nurse Liaison. 

The good news is there's plenty of ways to make sure you don't fall victim to any heat-related illnesses.

"Staying hydrated, that's the key. Keep drinking, not sugary drinks, not alcohol those kinds of things are not going to keep you hydrated they are just going to help you dehydrate."

And if you do find yourself outside in the heat, "Shorten your time outside when it's really hot like it is and the heat index is really over 100. You want to do your workout outside in the morning or in the evening when it's a little cooler."

Without water, shade, or air conditioning you could easily start noticing some signs of heat stroke or dehydration.

"You're outside working and you stop sweating, you feel nauseous, you get a headache. Those are going to be your early signs that are going to start happening and then the altered mental status is going to come behind that."

So bottom line, don't try and tough it out.

"Be smart. When you feel yourself getting heated go try and cool off somewhere. Even if it's just taking a cool towel and running it under the water or the garden hose and putting the towel around your neck to help cool you down, instead of in the shade for half an hour while you're doing things."

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