Over $180,000 awarded to housing program in Salisbury

Over $180,000 is making its way to a housing program in Salisbury.

Last week, Maryland's U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen announced $186,667 for the Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services.

The money will go towards developing and preserving affordable housing and revitalization projects.This is one of four grants given to the state of Maryland.

Both senators tell 47 ABC, that the funding is necessary and that they knew they had to fight for it to be put in President Trump's 2018 fiscal year budget.

"Affordable housing needs are growing more and more acute. We have more and more of an affordable housing challenge in Salisbury and other places around Maryland. And this is a program that has really worked well," says Senator Van Hollen.

"I think we did better than we originally thought. A hundred and eighty thousand plus coming to Salisbury for this organization does incredible work. its going to be very very helpful for them to be able to accomplish their mission, says Senator Cardin.

The money will go through a federal process before being dispersed.

Over $1,000,000 was granted to Maryland's NeighborWorks funding program.

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