Authorities urge caution after multi-vehicle crash on Bay Bridge; traffic currently clear

Courtesy of MDTA

Authorities say lanes were re-opened after a person was injured in a multi-vehicle crash on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

The Maryland Transportation Authority says around 10:40 AM, a four-vehicle crash happened in the middle of the bridge. Authorities say the crash involved a vehicle in the westbound lane and a vehicle in the eastbound lane, during two way operations.

According to the report, one person sustained non-life threatening injuries and they were taken to a hospital.

The roadway is clear following the traffic incident.

Cpl. Bartlinski of MDTA gives the following tips for Memorial Day weekend travel on the Bay Bridge: 

– Drivers should use their headlights on the Chesapeake bay bridge

-Leave enough room in front of you and do not tailgate other vehicles

-Slow down as there are many rear in accidents that happen on the bridge 

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