Made On Delmarva: Jewelry by Cottage Studio

John and Maryetta Dynan are the owners of Jewelry by Cottage Studio, a hidden gem in Cambridge. The dynamic duo have been designing and crafting jewelry for years.

"She sees things in her mind, and she lays out articles in her work bench. And from those articles she makes earrings and rings," says John Dynan, one of the owners and silversmiths.

However the two admit getting into the jewelry business happened by accident.

"We traveled around the country for 4 years in our mobile home. One February we ended up in Tucson, Arizona. And there was a silversmith shop there with retired silversmiths. And they had a class, and we attended one class and we never left. We just became hooked," says John.

From rings, to earrings, to necklaces, these two make it all.

The Dynan's showed 47 ABC how they make their popular meditation ring, which is a ring with multiple bands that is commonly used to relieve tension with every spin.

John first starts with a sheet of raw material.

"Whether it is silver, or copper, or whatever and then we measure the length of that ring when it is folded," says Maryetta.

Once John has measured out the right size, it's time to bring out the flames. John uses a torch to join the two pieces together, which is a method called soldering.

"It gives you a permanent bond, so it becomes a workable piece of metal. Right now the ring is totally soldered," says John.

John then places it into a little pot to cool down.  Next up, the ring takes a bath in mild sulfuric acid. This helps clean it and take away any discoloration.

John then takes the ring to the bench to add a unique design.

"What we'll do is take this hammer and we'll tap on the ring and go around and make marks," says John.

He then slides two gold bands over it and then takes a hammer to flare out both ends so the bands can slide back and forth.

Finally it is polished for a little extra sparkle, and ready to be worn.

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