Filmmakers fly in to participate in annual film festival

The second annual film festival has come to a close after screening about 100 films from cinematographers across the world.

Ted Wilkes and Michael Peek from London, England made the journey across the Atlantic to show what they had produced after two years of hard work, and to walk away with more knowledge and connections.

"We thought we've got to come along and really promote the film and see what Ocean City has to offer us," said Wilkes, writer and director for the film The Iris Echo.

The duo of WIlkes and cinematographer Michael Peel were sent to the festival by the University where they instruct students on film.

"We're doing the kind of things that our students are trying to do, which is get into film festivals and make films and promote yourself and you work," said Peel.

When compared to other more established film festivals they have attended, our friends from across the pond lent praise to the event that's only in it's second year.

"Showing films across three different venues and like I said they've got films from all over the world, it's fantastic," said Peel.   "Just the variety of films there is.  Animations, there's student films, there's youth films, there's social awareness films, features, shorts."

Short films like the documentary put together by Mike Healy, an Ocean Pines resident who has been filming trips to Ireland for years.  He took that footage from his trips abroad and produced a 24-minute short documentary, screened on Friday.

"I decided, when I found out about the OC Film Festival, to put together a series of clips documenting Ireland's traditional music."

The festival gives locals, like Healy, a chance to display their talents in ways they may never have had the chance to before.

"First time seeing it on the big screen, that was exciting for me.  A real rush to see your work on a big screen in a movie theater."

The three-day long festival gave locals and those who come in from Indiana, Alabama, Iowa, and other locations across the country, a chance to connect and network.

"To meet and exchange and talk, exchange business cards, and get a chance to talk to script writers, directors, and pick up some information about perhaps future collaboration in future projects," said Healy.

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