Salisbury Mayor vetoes pay increases for himself and City Council

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day says that he has vetoed pay increases that the City Council voted for last month.

According to Mayor Day, he vetoed pay increases for himself and for the Council, within the six day window; however, the Salisbury City Council became aware of this decision on Monday night.

This comes after council members voted to double the Mayor's salary from $25,000 to $50,000. They also voted to raise council president Jack Heath's salary to $15,000 annually and council members voted to raise their salary to $12,000 annually.

Mayor Day said that he fully supported recommendations by the Independent Commission and that he believes that council members do deserve a salary increase, but he said that the increase would be for a future Mayor and Day said that he did not want to put a raise on a position that he will run for.

Mayor Day said that he is running for re-election and that he believes that he has convinced voters that he is an effective occupant of the office.

Day says that he believes that council members who supported this rise are disappointed. Councilman Ireton, who voted against the increases last month, reportedly believes that the raises should be gradual.

Day says that the commission presents these recommendations every four years, and that he is committed to public service. The council is reportedly able to override this veto. If they do so, Mayor Day says that he will donate the money back to City programs.

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