Berlin Mayor address concerns over tourism video

A video that was meant to highlight the town of Berlin and all of the things  it has to offer became a video that upset a lot of  people and made them feel left out. And some say this isn't the first time it's happened. 

"Not  saying just this last one but there was one prior to that that I know of that there was no representation of the African American even the Spanish American," said the second vice president for the NAACP in Wocester County.

When residents of Berlin saw the video they found that the African American community and other nationalities were left out. Leaving them upset and confused. 

"When you view the video there's a lack of people of color or other cultures involved it almost seems as though these people were targeted and others were excluded," said Berlin resident Gregory Purnell.

Berlin's Mayor,Gee Williams, says he understands the residents concerns and says the lack of diversity was unintended.

"I can certainly understand the perception that the video did not adequately show the diversity that has been this community since it's origins. This was certainly unintentional in many cases," said Williams.

He also explained that he's happy that people are expressing their concerns and talking about how the town can move forward .

"We encourage people to talk about these things. In some communities this is difficult, here I think it's just a normal part of our process," said Williams.

And Williams says the concerns that he's been made aware of will allow for improvement in future videos.

"As opportunities present themselves to constantly update it that's what we'll do and it's something now that we'll have to keep in mind. We don't want to do anything that creates the perception that we have different classes of people," said Williams.

Some residents of Berlin also mentioned that they understood that the video was meant to do no harm. They say they simply wanted their voices to be heard.

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