PRMC issues visitation restriction for children under 12 during RSV season

A local hospital has put a visitation restriction in place in efforts to protect patients and visitors from respiratory illness, in Salisbury.

Officials with Peninsula Regional Medical Center say on Tuesday, they are putting visitation restrictions in place for visitors under the age of 12 stating that the medical center is not allowing children under the age of 12 to visit the PRMC Special Care Nursery. PRMC says siblings under 12 may still visit their Mother/Baby,Labor and Delivery, and Pediatric units only after a health screen is completed by the nurses on the units. 

According to officials, the visitation restrictions are put in place as a precautionary measure to protect patients, visitors, and staff from contracting and spreading viruses including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Children with upper respiratory infections and other symptoms of RSV will not be allowed to visit the facility. The hospital apparently puts this visitation procedure in place each year during RSV season.

Officials report that RSV is easily spread through touching, hugging, on toys, clothing and bedding and is the leading cause of babies under the age of 12 months being admitted to U.S. hospitals.

In reference to the visitation restriction, Registered Nurse and  Infection Preventionist Karen Mihalik says, Everyone understands this may cause an inconvenience, but we must continuously safeguard everyone visiting here or staying with us for care. That includes taking extra precautions to protect our young visitors themselves from possibly contracting or spreading a virus at Peninsula Regional.  This is a common, yearly practice for us during the RSV season. We welcome visitors and understand their importance in the recovery of friends and loved ones, but we will take all necessary steps to prevent the contracting or spreading of viruses.

The visitation changes are expected to be in place through March.

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