Wicomico Co. drug bust leads to arrest of Parkside teacher

"We collectively believe this is the worst act of betrayal." 

Fifty-one-year-old Monica Snee has shocked the entire Parkside and local community. Snee was arrested Tuesday evening leaving Parkside High School on felony drug distribution charges, an investigation that was opened just four weeks ago. 

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis says, "We received information from a recovering addict here in Wicomico county, a man who came forward who wanted to report his source of opioids during a very dark time in his life." 

From there the sheriff's office launched a full on investigation tracking Snee's every move. 

"She wasn't just dealing at Parkside, she wasn't just dealing from Parkside she was dealing over at a number of locations here in Wicomico County locations that we have documented." 

Lewis says as soon as they had enough evidence to get a warrant that would stick, they made their move. 

Arresting Snee close enough to the school so she could face a lengthier prison sentence. 

"Inside Snee's vehicle were 173 capsules of suspected heroin, and approximately 340 oxycodone pills, several strips of suboxone and nearly $3,000 in U.S. currency." 

Right now Sheriff's believe Snee wasn't dealing to students or faculty but Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin is asking anyone who may know any information to come forward. 

"We reinforced to parents to please speak to your children about this matter and encourage them to if they have information or if staff have information about this situation to immediately contact the sheriff's office." 

Since Monica Snee was arrested within 1,000 feet of a school property, she could be facing an extra 20 years of potential jail time.

But Sheriff Lewis says this arrest could just be the beginning. When asked if more arrests are to come, he said it is likely.

Now 47 ABC learned where Snee lives thanks to court documents we obtained and went out to speak with neighbors in the Westbrook community in Salisbury about whether they had any idea this was going on. 

Although many declined to speak on camera, neighbors say they're absolutely shocked and surprised by the arrest. 

Adding that they never suspected any criminal activity going on at her house, but are absolutely saddened to know there is in fact a potential drug dealer living in their neighborhood. 

Marc Amy, a local neighbor says, "It's not right, it's absolutely 100 percent not. We're living in a nice community right here on Westbrook Drive you know were proud of where we live. This should not be going on here, nowhere. I mean it's very upsetting." 

Now this is an ongoing investigation so some details are still unknown.

Of course at this time the Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about Snee to contact them. 

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