Virginia gubernatorial election

Virginia voters are making some big decisions today as they cast their ballots.

The next Governor of the commonwealth will be selected as well as many other top positions. 

47 ABC visited several polling places to find out how the election is progressing. 

Voters in Accomack had to select a governor, lieutenant  governor, attorney general and a house delegate for the 100th district. 

As of 1:30 pm poll workers reported 28% of the vote was already in. 

Of course that number is expected to rise as people start to leave work and pick kids up from school. 

The weather has been cold and gloomy all day–which is sometimes a predictor of how any people will actually vote. 

However, poll workers in Parksley and Accomack tell me they haven't seen a difference in the turnout. 

Now I spoke to actual voters and everyone seemed pleased with the process and comfortable with their choices. 

One man, Jessie Poulson, only hinted at who he chose in the governors race.

"I won't tell u his name but I taught him typing at Onancock high school." 

Michelle Wharton is also weighing in saying the process was smooth.

"Same thing. I have no problems and the line is not long. I can tell you Northam. Democrat all the way." 

Even though polls close at 7 p.m. anyone in line to vote at that time will not be turned away.
But voters must have a picture ID on hand and give their physical address to poll workers in order to get a ballot.

We will have more on that ballot question during the next half hour. 

Continue to check out to learn the outcome of today's election. 

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