Food safety for holiday meals

 Every year 48 million people get sick from food borne illnesses. 

And as many as 3,000 die, according to date from the CDC. 

That's why health experts, like Karla Beardsley, are urging you to keep some recommendations in mind as you get ready to start cooking and baking for tomorrow, especially a new one from the USDA.  

"The USDA is now telling us not to wash our turkeys because we will spray the salmonella and the problem organisms all throughout our kitchen and then we would have to bleach a lot of the area. They basically recommend that we take the turkey as it is out of the bag and put it in the oven."

Experts says people should frequently wash their hands while preparing meals. 

One other important tip is to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot because warm foods can breed bacteria.

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