Mass Violence: Local police have been preparing for years

Police agencies on Delmarva say they are very aware that what happened in Vegas could happen here, and they are already preparing. Worcester County Sheriff spokesman, Ed Schreier says a mass shooting almost 20 years ago is still shaping the way policing is done today.

 "We're very cognizant of these types of situations happening and that we do train for them. We've trained for many many years when you go back to Columbine and how the events from Columbine transpired."

Schreier says the school shooting was a game-changer for law enforcement, not just on the peninsula, but across the country.

Shreier says every single time something horrific like this goes down, it's used as a teaching tool to get police agencies up to date on what could happen and how to prepare for it. 

"A lot of these incidences get pushed down into the academies and specialized training throughout the country and this is what happened here…this is how they dealt with it. This is a good way to deal with it this a poor way. They are not afraid to talk about it." 

But what can you do if you find yourself in the midst of a mass shooting or other large-scale violent attack?

Maryland State Police say the public should know to Run, Hide or Fight.

This means, if there's an active scene Run away.

If you can find a safe place to hide and barricade yourself there.

Maryland State Police spokesperson, Greg Shipley, says fighting the attacker should be a last resort.

"And the final option is if you are confronted with the individual consider defending yourself as best you can."

Denton resident and florist, Sarah Campbell,  is in Vegas in a hotel overlooking the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

Thankfully, she didn't have to use  these tips because she was already inside her hotel room when violence erupted.

Campbell says she got a text notification that there was an active shooter in the area, but it wasn't until this morning that the gravity of the incident really hit her. 

"This morning waking up and learning how many were killed its just this odd sadness and this heavy weight I can't explain. Its like this fog of emotion." 

Sarah is supposed to speak at a conference today but says given what's happened, she doesn't know how or if she can do it. 

"I don't know how I'm going to get on that stage and inspire and encourage and educate people when my heart is so shaken and sad." 

There have been nearly 300 mass shootings in the United States so far this year.

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