Delaware Officials Lay Out Plan of Attack for Opioid Crisis

Officials have announced their new plan to attack the state's opioid crisis.

State Attorney General Matt Denn unveiled the plan today in Wilmington – saying they plan to open more treatment centers and give more funding to law enforcement. 

Denn said the additional funding is needed to keep local police departments supplied with Narcan the life saving drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose.

Denn says police departments across the state were all given the drug but the medicine has a short shelf life.

The state's top attorney says he thinks money will make the biggest dent in solving this public health issue.

"One of the broad areas that we want to address is to have the state start spending more money on some of these areas that need investment for example although we've been able to break down some of the insurance barriers having insurance for treatment doesn't do you much good if there are no facilities to get that treatment at."

Denn also says he will ask the state to open a new high school that will allow recovering addicts to earn their diplomas and work through getting off drugs at the same time.

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