Lead4Life: Facts and myths about mental health

Alaina Van Gelder, the development director for Lead4Life, stopped by 47 ABC to talk about facts and myths associated with mental health.

Fact: Therapy is affordable.

"So many times, people hesitate to get the help that they so desperately need and the care that they need. At Lead4Life, we actually take medical assistance. So if you have priority partners or Maryland Physicians Care or any kind of medical assistance, we do take that insurance," Van Gelder said.

"If you don't have insurance, or you have a different type of insurance, we do work on a sliding fee scale. And we will work with you to get you the help you need, to the best of our ability."

Although Lead4Life is based in Salisbury, Van Gelder says they work with people in Wicomico County, Somerset County and Worcester County as well. She says if anyone is in need of help, and Lead4Life can't help them, she can work to refer someone to other services that can help.

Myth: Therapy does not have to take favor.

"Folks are sometimes hesitant to get in to see someone because they think they will be in it for the long haul…You will work with your therapist and together the two of you will develop treatment goals that are suitable for you," Van Gelder said.

Myth: Therapy is not only for certain people.

"Therapy can be for a wide range of people. It is not just for those individuals in dire need at their breaking point. Therapy can be for someone with a relatively minor problem in the short term. Therapy can be for someone that's at their breaking point. But it really functions on a spectrum," Van Gelder said.

Lead4Life also has a new part to their website. "If you scroll down and you see 'Eastern Shore' and then you hit the 'IFT', that takes you right to the individual and family therapy section of our website. And that is all the therapy and mental health information you need…You'll also see other news and updates about our groups that'll be coming up in the fall," Van Gelder said.

The general Lead4Life website is: here.

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